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Mutual Insurers Continue to Adopt Cognition+ in 2019

London, Ontario – December 6, 2019 – Cognition+ is pleased to confirm that 3 more mutual insurance companies have ‘gone live’ in production on Cognition+, a web-based insurance enterprise platform. Keeping to their project timelines, the following mutual insurers completed their projects during September and October:

  • HTM Insurance Company: September 16, 2019
  • Grenville Mutual Insurance Company: October 7, 2019
  • McKillop Mutual Insurance Company: October 21, 2019

This represents the initial step in a transformational change project geared towards enhancing the way mutual insurers support their members and community through improved access and efficiencies for their sales channels, agents and brokers, and their team.  Cognition+ provides a number of immediate benefits:

  • Web-based, anywhere, anytime, any device access
  • Role-based workflows, access and task management
  • Best Practice processes and usability
  • Privacy and Security as well as scalability
  • Application Programming Interfaces for extendibility
  • Standardized Document Retention & Creation

Cognition+ over the longer term provides heightened access and insight into the company’s data, optimizes data entry and retention while enabling real-time transactions with Third Parties.  The Cognition+ solution works in tandem with mutual insurers’ current implementations of the Insurance Business Solution (IBS), which has allowed the automobile team to be the initial team members to adopt in production.

“Technology and the implementation of technology is changing.  It’s more about continual product development and deployment and we’re seeing that our partner, Cognition+, has created and continues to create a process that will help the mutuals move forward and meet our members’ expectations,” said Alec Harmer, President & CEO – HTM Insurance Company. “The mutual system has been around for more than 150 years, and we have continuously reinvented ourselves, but the fundamental philosophy of cooperation continues to serve us well.  This can be visibly seen through our pace of adoption of technology.  We help each other, and our partners, so that our service to our members is always improving.  We believe Cognition+ is delivering on its promise of transformational change and delivering it with an approach that minimizes disruption while creating noticeable business value.”

“Change is here and the mutuals are embracing this reality.  Our members expect more from our sales channel and almost everything we do today touches technology,” added Rob Moorehead, President & CEO – McKillop Mutual Insurance Company. “We no longer have to sell change, our people demand it.  This was probably the easiest conversation we had with our internal teams, they get it. Having a path that will allow us to do business the way our clients want was our number one motivator for moving forward with Cognition+.  We’re pleased with the results of the implementation process, and how quickly we were able to move to the new platform.  Each day, we discover new benefits and of course with new technology comes enhanced performance.  We appreciated getting a dedicated team of Cognition+ staff to help in our project and trust that they will continue to be there as we progress into other areas of the business.”

“All our efforts are ultimately focused on our service to our Mutual Policyholders,” said Ross Lincoln, President and CEO, Grenville Mutual. “Grenville continues to develop omnichannel distribution to prepare us for the future expectations of our customers and the diversity of our distribution partners. At the center of this are our people and our strategic alliance with a Mutual-driven solution.  Our team, working with Cognition Plus is a testament to putting energies forward in a focused direction; not always easy but ultimately a decision we feel fits with our Mutual values and most importantly our business strategies.  We are proving through this project that we can achieve sustainable results with technology that actually has a focused impact on what we do now, and how we wish to do business in the future.”

“It’s a great feeling working with our Mutual Community and seeing how cooperatively they work together to achieve these big milestones of digital transformation,” said Randy Straeten, President & CEO of Cognition+. “We’ve been working on Cognition+, our next-generation product, for the past couple of years, and it is very exciting to now see multiple parallel projects ‘going live’.  This kind of collaboration only happens in the mutual space and helps ensure that our whole community will be successful in this transition.  We’re now at 5 on the platform with 7 other projects in stream and expect a number of these to be in production before year-end.  At the same time as the mutuals on Cogntion+ are quickly adopting all of the automobile functionality, their teams are helping to support our development teams as we fully define all business areas.  We are also getting very excited by the development of the claims system in Cognition+, and look forward to working with clients in 2020 as we move into Beta.  I commend HTM, Grenville and McKillop for accomplishing these platform upgrades in 8-10 weeks.  This could not have happened without their commitment.”


About HTM Insurance Company

HTM Insurance Company, located in Cobourg Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders and agent/broker partners since 1898 by committing to a professional and community-based approach. HTM is a strong mutual insurance company, devoted to providing their community with security through superior products and caring professional service. Using long-range planning coupled with the use of innovative technology; HTM continues to build strong relationships within their own community and the mutual family. For more information, visit


About Grenville Mutual Insurance Company

Grenville Mutual Insurance is in the heart of Eastern Ontario in the town of Kemptville – an emerging community just south of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. Incorporated in 1892, we are one of the oldest mutual companies in Canada. Our history has a resilient agricultural base and a proud rural heritage, which speaks strongly to the community-based values that ground the company’s actions and decisions to this day. Today, Grenville Mutual Insurance operates on the same foundation of integrity first, loyalty, objectivity, competence, responsibility and flexibility. For more information, visit


About McKillop Mutual Insurance Company

McKillop Mutual Insurance Company, located in Seaforth Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders, agents and broker partners since 1876. Building strong relationships within the community and keeping the business of insurance simple for all stakeholders is the key to McKillop’s success, which is measured by fulfilling our promises to our policyholders. Grassroots governance through the election of our Board by our policyholders continues to ensure we maintain these important community principles. For more information, visit


About Cognition+

Cognition+ is an innovative software provider which has a fully integrated insurance back-office solution, which is used by thirty-two Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. Cognition+ has a proven track record with a focus on client requirements and product quality. Cognition+, established in 1996, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients.

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