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Lambton Mutual Insurance Company ‘Goes Live’ in production on Cognition+

Transformational insurance software solution

Watford, Ontario — July 15, 2019 — Lambton Mutual Insurance Company (LMIC) ‘goes live’ in production with Cognition+, a web-based insurance enterprise platform.  This represents the initial step in a transformational change project geared towards enhancing LMIC’s support to their members and community through improved access and efficiencies for their sales channels, agents and brokers, and their team. Cognition+ provides a number of immediate benefits:

  • Web-based, anywhere, anytime, any device access
  • Role-based workflows, access and task management
  • Best Practice processes and usability
  • Privacy and Security as well as scalability
  • Application Programming Interfaces for extendibility
  • Standardized Document Retention & Creation

Cognition+ over the longer term provides heightened access and insight into the company’s data, optimizes data entry and retention while enabling real-time transactions with Third Parties.  The Cognition+ solution works in tandem with LMIC’s current implementation of the Insurance Business Solution (IBS), which has allowed the automobile team to be the initial team members to adopt in production.

“We’re pleased with the transition process that the Cognition+ team has introduced to our team, which is leading to overall improved workflow processes,” said Deb Van Eyk, President & CEO of Lambton Mutual Insurance Company. “Their implementation plan was well executed by both teams, ensuring minimal business impact for this significant change.  Completing automobile first has allowed our team to readily adopt a truly paperless workflow process through the use of task management.  We like the direction Cognition+ has adopted with strategic technology providers like ‘Alfresco’.  Having efficient document creation and retention methods coupled with an easy-to-use workflow will help to drive our business forward.    Ultimately, our primary goal is to better serve our policyholders and their changing needs, while driving our business efficiency forward.  This first step has given our team a great deal of confidence in the Cognition+ product, adding considerable business value, and sets the stage towards becoming a fully digital insurer on a modern platform.”

“Having two of our community ‘go live’ on our new product, Cognition+, less than a month apart is a tribute to the strong work ethic that exists within our mutual clients and our team at Cognition+,” said Randy Straeten, President & CEO of Cognition+. “Our team is excited about the product they are building, and the positive response we are getting from our clients.  Lambton’s team has shown an accelerated pace of adoption, which further confirms our ability to deliver on our promise to have 12 of our clients live on Cognition+ for all of their automobile policies before the end of the year.”

“While our external implementation teams are working on these projects, our internal development teams are continuing to deliver on property, claims and accounting,” added Straeten.  “It is an exciting time for our Mutual Community as they fully embrace the web and their transition to a digital platform.  It is our goal to make this as seamless as possible for their business operations.  Congratulations to the Lambton team for running a great project!”


About Lambton Mutual Insurance Company

Lambton Mutual Insurance Company, located in Watford Ontario, has been committed to its community and providing great service at a reasonable cost since 1875.  A strong supporter of communities in Southwestern Ontario as well as the Canadian Mutual Insurance Industry, Lambton supports its agents and broker distribution channels through innovation and service to its mutual policyholders.  Sound governance, where all policyholders are owners, supported by Lambton’s strong financial position will ensure they continue to support their policyholders and community at large well into the future. For more information, visit


About Cognition+

Cognition+ is an innovative software provider which has a fully integrated insurance back-office solution, which is used by thirty-two Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. Cognition+ has a proven track record with a focus on client requirements and product quality. Cognition+, established in 1996, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients.

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