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Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company the first to launch Cognition+, a transformational insurance software solution

Chatham, Ontario – July 1, 2019 – Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company (K&E) has successfully launched Cognition+, a web-based insurance enterprise platform, in production as a further step in their company’s digital transformation strategy. Cognition+ provides a number of immediate benefits:

  • Web-based, anywhere, anytime, any device access;
  • Role-based workflows, access and task management;
  • Best Practice processes and usability;
  • Privacy and Security as well as scalability;
  • Application Programming Interfaces for extendibility;
  • Standardized Document Retention & Creation.

Over the longer term, Cognition+ provides heightened access and insight into the company’s data, optimizing data entry and retention while enabling real-time transactions with third parties.  The Cognition+ solution works in tandem with K&E’s current implementation of the Insurance Business Solution (IBS), which has allowed the automobile team to be the initial team to adopt in production.

“The Kent & Essex team has been a great partner in the implementation of Cognition+ for their automobile line of business,” said Randy Straeten, President & CEO of Cognition+. “Through the successful ‘go live’ of this project, we’ve been able to validate a number of key deliverables.  First, both Cognition+ and IBS are successfully running in harmony, allowing for a very smooth transition as we migrate our clients across all functional business areas.  Secondly, we’ve confirmed the best practice processes and user workflows are optimizing the user experience and streamlining the work.  Thirdly, the introduction of task management and ‘save as you go’ functionality is driving efficiency, with improved data quality and retention.  Finally, it has validated the non-functional requirements for performance, security and scalability in a production environment.  The K&E and Cognition+ teams have worked tirelessly to ensure a great user experience on ‘go live’, which will help us with our plans for rolling out to 11 more of our companies in 2019.”

“As a mutual insurer, we know the importance of modernizing our business processes so that we can meet the needs of our mutual members and our community while remaining cost-effective and competitive,” said Kevin Konecny, President & CEO of Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company. “We’ve had a long-term relationship with Cognition+ with our successful ‘go live’ of the IBS in 2007, which has helped to ensure the growth of our mutual.  Cognition+ has shown strong leadership through the development of this next generation of software, and I am proud of the work our team at Kent & Essex Mutual has been doing to confirm that this meets the needs of mutual insurers and their members.  We are focused on the Digital Consumer Experience as this is core to meeting our brokers’ and members’ needs today, and into the future.  Our core platform must allow us to leverage other technologies to assist our members as the rate cannot always be the solution.  Cost efficiency, analytics and loss prevention will be the differentiators as technology continues to progress and as we continue to see changes in the weather patterns.  We’re confident that the team at Cognition+ in conjunction with our team at Kent & Essex are up to providing solutions for these challenges as we transition our whole business to the Cognition+ platform.”


About Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company

Located in Chatham, Ontario, Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders and broker partners since 1888.  A proud member of the Chatham community, as well as the Mutual Community, Kent & Essex, has a long tradition of innovation and service to its mutual policyholders.  By building strong relationships within the community, with its broker partners and with our vendors, Kent & Essex has balanced technology and people to effectively serve our community and successfully grow our business.


About Cognition+

Cognition+ is an innovative software provider which has a fully integrated insurance back-office solution, which is used by thirty-two Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. Cognition+ has a proven track record with a focus on client requirements and product quality. Cognition+, established in 1996, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients.

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