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Good Things Come in Pairs: HTM Insurance Company and McKillop Mutual Insurance Company ‘Go Live’ on the Cognition+ Claims Solution

London, Ontario – July 13th, 2022 – HTM Insurance Company of Cobourg Ontario and McKillop Mutual Insurance Company of Seaforth Ontario are pleased to announce the completion of their collaborative project to implement the Cognition+ Claims solution, extending their Cognition+ Platform and further delivering on their Digital Transformation. The projects delivered by Cognition+ Inc. are modernizing their claims processes and ensuring that their claims personnel have an easy and efficient system to better service their respective communities and policyholders. The projects were completed on time, within budget and have allowed both claims teams to better organize their workloads, all while improving service to their members. 

The Claims solution, in conjunction with Cognition+ Policy and Underwriting functions, delivers an enterprise-level experience in managing policyholder relationships in a digital world. Specifically, the Cognition+ Claims solution provides best-in-class workflows through task and document management, relationship governance, and guided work plans to assist in fulfilling the claims process. The solution streamlines communication across channels and offers transparency for complex claims resolution. The solution ensures speedy claim settlement through a combination of case management, catastrophe claims event management and simplified sub-file management. The Cognition+ Claims solution’s comprehensive reserve and payment functionality allows for multiple payees and multiple payment distribution methods. It also offers an efficient approach to managing deductible and reinsurance, as well as salvage, subrogation, and recovery. 

“It was an exciting project working with our technology partner, Cognition+, and fellow member, McKillop Mutual, to further extend our platform by enabling the new claims management solution. Sharing of Best Practices as we worked jointly through the project was a big benefit to everyone. Ensuring our claims people have leading edge technology to better support our policyholders is a key mission for us.”, says Alec Harmer – President & CEO, HTM Insurance Company. Harmer adds, “The success of this project became evident when the communities that we protect were hit by the Derecho storm event on May 21st, 2022 and our whole team was able to pitch in to ensure great claims service to those affected. We were able to take staff from two other departments and with about an hour’s worth of training, had them entering claims in the Cognition+ system. This project is a continuation of our digital journey so that all stakeholders will ultimately be able to do business with us based on their preferred method. As a mutual, choice is a very important to us and our community. The Cognition+ team continues to deliver high-value software solutions, and we’re excited to be rolling out even more of their solutions in 2022.” 

“We’ve been live since late April and our Claims team is very pleased with the quality of the product and the ease of implementation. Claim setup is quick and efficient while we’ve improved the overall workflow of our claims operation in numerous areas. The task and claim specific work plans including document and file management are ensuring the whole claim process is managed within the system, and keeps our claims people on course. Having the opportunity to work with HTM and Cognition+ on this joint project instills the spirit of mutuality across our teams, reinforces best practice, and accelerated our project. Cognition+ promised a smooth conversion and they delivered.” stated Rob Moorehead – President & CEO, McKillop Mutual Insurance Company. 

“This was an innovative project bringing two mutuals together to collaboratively implement the Cognition+ Claims solution. Building on this success, we are now increasing our pace of rollout and working with four to five clients on parallel projects. Our mutual community is excited by the new product and is looking for us to extend their Cognition+ Platforms with the Claims solution as quickly as possible. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be the technology provider for our mutual client partners.”, said Matthew Scott, President & CEO of Cognition+ Inc. 


About HTM Insurance Company 

HTM Insurance Company, located in Cobourg Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders and agent/broker partners since 1898 by committing to a professional and community-based approach. HTM’s mission is “To protect your future as if it’s our own”. Using long-range planning coupled with the use of innovative technology; HTM continues to build strong relationships within their own community and the mutual family.

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About McKillop Mutual Insurance Company 

McKillop Mutual Insurance Company, located in Seaforth Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policy holders, agents and broker partners since 1876. Building strong relationships within the community and keeping the business of insurance simple for all stakeholders is the key to McKillop’s success, which is measured by fulfilling our promises to our policyholders. Grass roots governance through the election of our Board by our policyholders continues to ensure we maintain these important community principles.

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About Cognition+ 

Cognition+ is an insurance technology provider that empowers insurance companies of all sizes to digitally transform and gain a 360° view of their business. In addition to a fully customizable Enterprise Insurance Management Platform, Cognition+ offers on-demand support, connectivity, cybersecurity, and development services. Established in 1996, and wholly-owned by its clients, Cognition+ has strong longstanding relationships with insurance and technology partners focused on innovation and mutual success. 

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